About Us

What is the Maris Stella Institute?

The Maris Stella Institute (MSI) is  a diocesan-approved catechetical center of higher studies for basic & advanced learning in magisterial teaching as defined by GDC 251-252 & CT 71. Based in American Canyon, in the Diocese of Santa Rosa, MSI continues to provide opportunities for adult and young adult faith formation at basic, advanced, and master catechist levels, as well as in English, Spanish, and online. MSI also provides spiritual offerings, community support and administrative services to support students on their spiritual journey. The ultimate goal of everyone in MSI is to go to heaven, to be a saint, and to help others go to heaven and be saints as well! So far, the Maris Stella Institute has graduated over 80 students, and continues to help souls deepen their love for Christ and His Bride, the Catholic Church

Maris Stella Institute was expanded from the Young Adult Catechist Society (YACS) after determining that it was necessary for young adults to gain experience and develop expertise teaching any and all people, including audiences more diverse and even older than them.

All Board members, administrators, faculty, staff and all students make a public profession of Faith and take and sign the Oath of Fidelity.