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10th Anniversary Video of the Maris Stella Institute (2008-2018)

I know that the work of the Maris Stella Institute is not only about providing catechetical information or catechetical skills. I embrace and endorse the Maris Stella Institute because I know inherently that they are also about profound formation – formation of the hearts and souls of the catechists, so that you not only bring a knowledge of the Faith, but you bring that knowledge of the Faith with a living witness and with a powerful conviction that it is Mary whose abundant mercies in prayer to Our Lord will bring fruitfulness out of the apostolate that we are engaged in – a recognition that this is a work of faith and that it is about the salvation of souls, our own souls, souls of our family members, the souls of those whom we encounter in catechetical ministry."

Bishop Vasa
The Most Rev. Robert F. Vasa, D.D., J.C.L., Bishop of Santa Rosa
Fr. Jeremy Santos

Jesus is Our Only Master...

Our Lady Star Of The Sea

...and we are His disciples.

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